2010-2011 Catalog 
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2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechanical Engineering, MS ME

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Learning Outcomes, Mechanical Engineering, MS

  • Prepare the student to perform independent research in their field of specialization
  • Provide students with an understanding of the advanced engineering tools and concepts that apply to their field of specialization, with particular emphasis on the mathematical development of those tools
  • Prepare students to practice engineering at an advanced level
  • Prepare the student to pursue doctoral studies in mechanical/aerospace engineering
  • Develop student’s communication skills and professionalism

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers a program leading to the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME). This research-oriented academic degree is appropriate either as a terminal degree or in preparation for doctoral studies in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Courses at the graduate level are often offered in the late afternoon or evening to enable students from local industry to complete their studies.

The Graduate Curriculum Includes:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automation and Controls Dynamic Systems
  • Space Systems
  • Thermal Systems
  • Fluid Mechanics

Interdisciplinary research programs are available to graduate students. Graduate students can participate in ongoing research programs through independent study projects or as research assistants on sponsored research projects. See the Graduate Admission Requirements below.

Program Prerequisites

  • Two semesters of calculus-based physics
  • A programming course in a higher order language; linear systems theory; engineering probability; linear algebra; and differential equations are required for admission to the program.

Plan I (Thesis Option)

At least 24 hours of graduate course work and up to 6 hours of thesis/research credit is necessary to satisfy the 30 credit hour requirement. The thesis/research credit will be provided for research and preparation of the student’s thesis, and defense of the thesis is required for completion of the program. The thesis defense will be based on the thesis and related materials and will be open to the public. Any student who does not pass the thesis defense may attempt the examination a second time. The second failure of the defense will result in dismissal from the MS ME program.

Please see the course descriptions for a complete list of graduate courses in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for regular admission into the MS ME or Master of Engineering programs are as follows:

  1. Baccalaureate degree (BS) in engineering, applied mathematics, or physics from an accredited institution. Currently enrolled undergraduate engineering students with exceptional academic records may qualify for guaranteed early admission to the MS ME graduate program—please contact the MAE department for more information.
  2. An undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a scale of 4.0 in all college level academic work attempted.
  3. Evidence of mathematical maturity equivalent to the completion of the following university-level course work
  4. Three semesters of calculus
  5. At least one semester beyond calculus (advanced calculus or ordinary differential equations)
  6. Linear algebra, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  7. Two copies of official transcripts from all academic institutions attended, including UCCS itself if applicable.
  8. Three letters of recommendation (with at least one from a former instructor), mailed to the MAE Department Office. 

Applicants who do not meet these requirements for regular admission may be admitted on a provisional basis subject to the recommendations of the MAE graduate committee.

For more information about these programs and application materials, contact the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Graduate Programs, University Hall, Room 309, or call (719) 255-3243. Send e-mail to mae@uccs.edu or see our Web page at http://eas.uccs.edu/MAE.

Students are encouraged to submit program application materials promptly.

Transfer Credit

Course credit between the CU-Boulder, CU-Denver, and UCCS courses in mechanical or aerospace engineering will be fully transferable. A table of University of Colorado System course equivalencies is contained in the CU-Boulder Course Catalog.

Up to nine hours of graduate work may be approved for transfer from other established graduate programs, subject to the following conditions:

  • The course has not been used for any other degree.
  • The grade earned for each course is B (3.0) or better.
  • The course is equivalent in level and content to the course for which it is being substituted.

General Degree Requirements

  • 30 semester hours of graduate course work.
  • A graduate advisor selected in the first semester of the program.
  • The course work of ten predefined courses: required “core” courses and additional electives selected from the list approved for that specialization.
  • Any deviation from the predefined curricula (including transfer credit) must be approved by a graduate faculty advisor in the MAE Department.
  • Course work must be completed with a 3.0 GPA or better
  • All course work (including any transfer credit) must have been completed no earlier than six years prior to degree completion.


Degree Requirements

The MS ME degree requires the following:

  • Thirty semester hours of graduate study, with a minimum of six hours of course work in graduate-level pure or applied mathematics.
  • Each MS ME student may complete the thesis option (Plan I)

During the first semester of enrollment, each student will prepare a Plan of Study, which must be approved by the student’s graduate advisor and the MAE Graduate Affairs Committee. The plan will specify the student’s selected area of interest and list courses related to that area. Any subsequent changes to the Plan of Study must also be approved by the student’s advisor and the MAE Graduate Affairs Committee.

The student and advisor will select an advisory committee, which will provide assistance in formulating and executing the student’s graduate program. The committee shall consist of at least three full-time faculty members selected from the College of Engineering and Applied Science at UCCS; the advisor must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Eligibility to serve on the graduate committee shall be determined by the policies and procedures of the Graduate School.

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