2010-2011 Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life and Services






Residence Life

Monarch House (719) 255-4042
E-mail: housing@uccs.edu

 UCCS on campus housing is home to 900 students and all facilities are just a short distance from campus classroom buildings and other facilities. Summit Village Residence Halls and the Alpine Village Apartments provide several housing options for our students’ needs.

All suites and apartments are fully furnished. Each accommodation includes: exterior services (trash pick-up, student and guest parking, exterior illumination, and security patrols), all utilities, cable television, telephone service, high-speed internet and one load of laundry per week.  The pricing for the Summit Village Residence Halls also includes the choice of one of our four meal plans depending on your needs; if you choose to live in Alpine Village there are also meal plan options available for you at an additional charge.

For fall 2009 and fall 2010, all housing will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. We encourage all applicants to apply early for the best selection of room types as the housing village generally fills early. Housing agreements are available for the full academic year, as well as the summer term, so students are able to stay on campus the entire calendar year.

Please see www.uccs.edu/housing or visit the Housing office in Monarch House of Summit Village for further details of all of our housing options.

Off Campus Housing

          ROAR office
          University Center, first level
          (719) 255-3470
          E-mail: ROAR@uccs.edu

The off campus housing referral service, including listings of rooms, apartments, and houses, as well as students seeking roommates to share their accommodations, is maintained by the Refuge for Organizations, Activities and Recreation (ROAR) office located across from the Information Desk in the University Center.

Student and Alumni Services


 Alumni Relations

        Main Hall, room 401B
        (719) 255-3180
        E-mail: alumni@uccs.edu

In the spirit of educational advancement, the Alumni and Friends Association and the Office of Alumni Relations strive to be the central link between the University and its alumni. The Alumni Association promotes and fosters a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the alumni, the university, its students, and the community to support the mission, goals, and traditions of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

University Counseling Center

        Main Hall, room 324
        (719) 255-3265

The University Counseling Center (UCC) helps UCCS students address personal issues, relationship issues, and issues about career decisions. When encountered, such problems may get in the way of academic achievement and overall wellbeing. The UCC targets these issues through short-term psychotherapy interventions. There is a nominal charge for regular sessions; crisis situations will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The UCC provides the following:

  1. Individual, couples, family and group counseling to help students address personal problems experienced while enrolled at the university.

  2. Workshops and trainings to address  various mental health-related topics like stress behaviors, sexual abuse and domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse and academic issues such as study skills, stress management skills, time management and test anxiety.

  3. Consultation services for faculty, staff and students.

 For information regarding services, costs and scheduling, please call 719-255-3265.

CU Opportunity Program (CUOP)

        University Center, room 110
        (719) 255-3040
        E-mail: acordova@uccs.edu

The CU Opportunity Program is administered by the director of MOSAIC: Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness and Community.  The office provides support with admission, academic advising, mentoring, and college transition for all students, with a particular emphasis on serving ethnically diverse students, first generation college students, and economically and/or academically disadvantaged students. This program is open to all students who indicate their interest in the program by marking the checkbox on the UCCS admissions application.  The CU Opportunity Program is especially beneficial for students who do not meet assured admission criteria but have special circumstances that they believe are relevant to their admission decision.  Admission applications for students in this program are reviewed and recommendations are made to the Office of Admissions on a case-by-case basis.  Students who are denied admissions to the university are advised on alternative means of achieving a college education.

Dean of Students

        Main Hall, room 322
        (719) 255-3258
        E-mail: dos@uccs.edu

The Office of the Dean of Students serves as a link between individual students, student government, and the various academic and administrative offices of the university. The Dean of Students and the Dean’s staff serve as advocates for students’ interests and needs to the rest of the university. Students who have a suggestion or concern should contact the office.

Disability Services

        Main Hall, room 105
        (719) 255-3354 V/TTY
        E-mail: dservice@uccs.edu

The purpose of the Disability Service Office (DSO) is to provide students with disabilities reasonable accommodations and support services to participate fully in the academic environment. Documentation is assessed under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Disability Services’ requirements. Students with a disability who wish to receive accommodations in the academic environment should call the Disability Services Office for an appointment to discuss needs and available services.

University Testing Center

        Main Hall, room 105
        (719) 255-3354 
        E-mail: dservice@uccs.edu

Testing services include:

  1. American College Test (ACT) Residual: An entrance exam for undergraduates. The results are valid for admission to the CU system only. Cost $50

  2. Correspondence Exams. Cost $20/exam

  3. Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Subject Based Exam Only: An entrance exam for some graduate programs. Visit www.ets.org\gre to register and pay.

  4. Miller Analogies Test (MAT): An entrance exam for some graduate programs. Cost $80

  5. Reasoning Skills Test: An exam used to satisfy the LAS Quantitative and Qualitative Reasoning Skills Requirements (ID 105). Cost $20

  6. Make-up exams cost $5 per exam.

The testing center also provides on campus proctoring for make-up exams. For more information, costs and scheduling call (719) 255-3354

International Student Services

        Main Hall, Room 108
        (719) 255-3819 or (719) 255-4316 
        Email: iss@uccs.edu

International Student Services serves as an advocate for foreign students attending or planning to attend UCCS by identifying services and programs that can assist in meeting their needs. This unit promotes, supports, and develops any activity that brings about a cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity on campus. The unit is responsible for providing current and future international students with information and services available to them on campus and in the surrounding community.

Student Health Center

        Public Safety and Student Health Building
        (719) 255-4444
        Fax: (719) 255-4446
        E-mail: hlthcntr@uccs.edu


The Student Health Center provides convenient and affordable access to quality medical care for eligible students. Medical insurance is not required to be seen for an appointment. The Center provides health care services 40 hours per week during fall/spring semesters, including Monday evening hours, and abbreviated hours for all breaks and summer semester. Services include, but are not limited to, diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, administration of MMR and other vaccines, routine gynecological exams, birth control consultation, health education, mental health services, referrals as needed and physical examinations. Limited lab work and medication are also available on site. For additional information please visit our website.

Immunization Requirement

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment requires any student who 1) is enrolled for one or more classes at a college or university, 2) is physically present at the institution, including auditing classes but excluding correspondence/ distance learning classes, and 3) is born January 1, 1957 or later, to be immunized against Rubeola measles, Rubella measles and mumps (MMR), or provide documented proof of immunity to all three. Individuals born before January 1, 1957 are presumed immune and are exempt from the immunization requirement. In order to comply with this State law, students must do one of four things:

  1. Provide a copy of documentation from a health care professional that you have met the requirements of two MMR immunizations. Records must include month, day and year of each shot, an official signature or stamp or official letterhead. Note: obtain CERTIFIED records from your former college, high school, doctor’s office, military records or family (certified) records.

  2. Provide a copy of proof of immunity by lab tests for the Rubeola measles, mumps and Rubella measles.

  3. Request an exemption from the law on personal, religious or medical grounds.

  4. Start the two MMR immunization series immediately. Vaccinations must e given at least 28 days apart.

Bring (or fax to 719-255-4403) a copy of immunization records to the Health Center. The Health Center will assist students in complying with this state law. MMR immunizations are available at a reduced cost at the Health Center and appointments can be made by calling 719-255-4444. Students may also receive the immunizations from their personal health care provider or county health department.

Student Health Insurance

Degree-seeking undergraduate students taking 9 or more credit hours, graduate students taking 6 or more credit hours; full-time intern students and students enrolled in certain approved certificate-seeking programs at UCCS are eligible to enroll in the Student Insurance Plan.  The enrollment deadline is September 9, 2010 and payment must be made in full at that time.  The insurance plan subsidizes major medical expenses according to the schedule of benefits stated in the Student Insurance Brochure, which is available in the Student Health Center or at www.uccs.edu/shc.

Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness and Community (MOSAIC)

        University Center, room 110
        (719) 255-3040
        E-mail: sma@uccs.edu or acordova@uccs.edu

The Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness and Community (MOSAIC) promotes a campus environment that is inclusive and supportive of students from diverse cultural backgrounds. MOSAIC is a safe hub that encourages and nurtures effective engagement across social identities, cultures, experiences, and viewpoints so all students can develop self-knowledge, understanding and appreciation of others, while achieving academic and personal growth.

While the director serves specifically as an advocate for students from underrepresented populations, the office engages and provides support to all students from all backgrounds.  The program has a cooperative relationship with the office of admissions, financial aid and academic departments.  This relationship allows the staff to be available to assist students who experience difficulties in any of these areas.  In addition, the office works with student organizations and campus departments to provide activities and programs that celebrate cultural diversity.

A mentoring program is also offered as a resource that strengthens students’ satisfaction and sense of community on campus by connecting them to staff and faculty.

Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs

        Cragmor Hall, room 007
        (719) 255-3253

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is dedicated to assisting all students reach their educational goals while serving our country. The mission of the Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs (OVMSA) is to assist veterans, active duty and dependents eligible for veteran and military education benefits.

Veteran Education Benefits

The OVMSA serves as the intermediary between students and the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).  All students utilizing VA education benefits:  Chapters 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 1606, and 1607 are required to contact the OVMSA.  All students utilizing VA education benefits must complete a Course Load Worksheet (CLW) each semester.  This office verfies the course enrollment to include applicable degree completion,  Certification to DVA is completed by OVMSA and can take DVA 8-10 weeks to process.

Military Tuition Assistance

The process for utilizing military tuition assistance (TA) varies per branch.  If assistance is needed in utilizing TA, contact your base education center for the OVMSA before starting the semester.

Students using Army tuition assistance through the Go Army Ed portal must contact the OVMSA to complete necessary documentation every semester.

Tuition deferment may be requested through the Bursar’s Office.

Military Activation

If you are active duty or National Guard and Reserve and there is a potential for absence in courses due to military reasons, you should inform your professor at the beginning of the semester.  If you are given orders to deploy or go on temporary duty (TDY) you should contact the OVMSA.  Presentation of orders to the OVMSA will assist students in communicating the best action necessary to proceed.  You should complete the deployment checklist at http://www.uccs.edu/~deploy to aid you in the process.


The OVMSA can provide students information on various scholarships for veterans, active-duty, National Guard and Reserve, and dependents.  For additional information please contact the OVMSA.


VA work-study employment is available to any VA education recipient who is enrolled at three-quarter time or more.  Students may obtain employment at any VA approved facility.  Interested students should contact the OVMSA.

Student Academic Resources, Opportunities, and Programs


Academic Learning Centers

EXCEL Centers


Project EXCEL is a program designed to help students achieve academic success during their collegiate careers. The activities and support services of Project EXCEL are provided to students via five learning centers located across the campus. The Centers provide programs that are linked to and support the academic curriculum across the campus. Refer to the Internet for hours of operation or contact each of the following Centers directly.

Language Technology Center
Dwire Hall, room 270
(719) 255-3690
Fax (719) 255-4162

Mathematics Learning Center
Engineering Building, room 129
(719) 255-3687
Fax (719) 255-3605

Oral Communication Center
Columbine Hall, room 312
(719) 255-4770

Science/Health Science Learning Center
Science Building, room 145
Fax: (719) 255-3047
(719) 255-3689

Writing Center
Columbine Hall, room 316
(719) 255-4336

Engineering Learning Centers

ECE Help Center
ENG, room 232
(719) 255-3187|

MAE Help Center
UH, room 233C
(719) 255-3323

CS Help Sessions
ENG, room 199
(719) 255-3544


        Department of Military Science
        Eagle Rock Building 201
        (719) 255-3520

The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps program is available to UCCS students. Enrollment in the basic courses (1000/2000 level) is available to all full-time students. Enrollment in advanced courses (3000/4000 level) is open to juniors and seniors who have successfully completed all basic courses or LTC (Leader’s Training Course), or to veterans at any level. All students should be academically aligned between their ROTC level and academic level (i.e., a freshman should enroll in freshman ROTC classes). Scholarships are available to qualified students. Completion of the ROTC program leads to a commission as an officer in the United States Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve upon graduation. A minor in Military Science is available. Interested students are encouraged to consult with the Department of Military Science.

Chancellor’s Leadership Class

        Main Hall, room 318
        (719) 255-3065

The Chancellor’s Leadership Class is a leadership development program for the undergraduate student that focuses on leadership studies, applied leadership experience, community involvement, personal and professional development, and mentoring. Visit the CLC Web site www.uccs.edu/clc for an application and more information.

National Student Exchange

        Columbine Hall, room 2025
        (719) 255-4552

The National Student Exchange (NSE) is an undergraduate exchange program within the United States, Canada, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Instead of crossing oceans, NSE students cross state, regional, provincial, and cultural borders. Currently there are over 250 colleges and universities participating with UCCS in this exchange program. Students may exchange for one semester or an entire year. Participating in NSE can be exhilarating, culturally enriching, and one of the most significant experiences of an undergraduate education. Visit the campus NSE Web site www.uccs.edu/las/NSE for an application and more information.

Pre-Collegiate Development Program

        Main Hall, room 303
        (719) 255-3239

Through the Pre-Collegiate Development Program, UCCS has entered into a partnership with public schools in the Pikes Peak region, including Pueblo schools, to help prepare under-represented and first generation college students to be competitive for college entrance upon graduation from high school. The program consists of leadership development, higher education awareness, and planning necessary to attain a higher education degree, accomplished through Saturday Academy workshops and summer program courses for college credit. Students remain in the program until they graduate from high school. The program is for secondary students in grades 9 through 12, with a middle school program that serves students in grades 7 and 8.

Public Safety


               Public Safety and Student Health Building
               (719) 255-3528 (parking) or (719) 255-3111 (police)

The Department of Public Safety is comprised of Police Operations and Communications, Parking and Transportation, Environmental Health and Safety, and Emergency Preparedness.

911 Emergencies

        On campus: 9-911

An “emergency” refers to any situation where there is an immediate danger to life or health of an individual, or individuals, on campus. Emergencies may be related to fires, chemical releases, medical problems or a wide variety of other events. For life-threatening emergencies on campus, call 9-911 from campus phones, or 911 from a cell phone. All other calls for police services, including crime reporting, should be made by calling (719) 255-3111.

Campus Closure

        (719) 255-3346

In the event that the campus is closed due to weather or other reasons, the information will be available by calling the above number. Information is also available on Colorado Springs television and radio stations and the Internet by accessing http://www.newsbridge.net/Univ_Colo_at_Colo_Springs/.

UCCS Lion OneCard card / Photo Identification card 

It is the goal of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) to enable students, faculty, and staff to use many services on campus with their Lion OneCard (the UCCS ID card).

 The Lion OneCard is the only official form of identification at UCCS and acts as the student’s school ID. The ID card is currently used to access library services on campus (check out books, access several online databases and information). Students wanting to work out use their card to enter the new Recreation Center. The card is used to gain access to UCCS sporting events, Art Gallery exhibits, plays presented by Theaterworks, the campus shuttle, and the campus 24-hour computer lab.  For students living in the residence halls, Summit and Alpine Village, it is used for building access and to eat in the Dining Hall (with a valid meal plan). “Munch Money” is another benefit offered to all students, and is designed to stretch your food budget.  Munch Money is purchased at discounted rates and then used at six different food service locations on campus. Off campus there are advantages too. Many local restaurants allow students to show their Lion OneCard and they will usually receive a 10-15% discount off their meal.

All new UCCS students obtain their Lion OneCard during orientation or when the University Center Information desk is open. It is simple and easy; step up, take your picture and within minutes receive the card. 1,2,3 and you are on your way.

Another option for students is the Ent Lion OneCard from Ent Federal Credit Union, the official financial partner of UCCS. The Ent Lion OneCard is your all-in-one card for everything you’ll need on campus and beyond. It’s a student ID, an ATM card, a Visa® Check Card, a meal card, a bus card, and a library card all rolled into one wallet size piece of plastic. The Ent Lion OneCard works on and off campus just like the UCCS Lion OneCard. 

Interested in the Ent Lion OneCard? For more information visit www.Ent.com/UCCS or Ent’s UCCS Service Center located on the 1st floor of the University Center. Also, representatives from Ent will be available during orientation to answers any questions you may have.

For more information about the Lion OneCard visit www.uccs.edu/uccsid.Please note: All new students and most transfer students will be automatically billed for an ID card, whether or not a card is made. Transfer students from other CU campuses are not automatically billed for an ID and must pay for the ID at the time it is made. Photo ID cards should be made and claimed in the semester during which the automatic charge is made. Individuals requiring a replacement ID card must pay $15 at the time the card is made. ID photos are taken anytime that the University Center Information Desk is open. Please check the University Center Web site for specific hours at www.uccs.edu/uc, (719) 255-3450.

 Police Operations and Communications

        (719) 255-3111

The Department of Public Safety maintains a full-service police operation to respond to reports of criminal acts and emergencies on campus. Police officers are certified peace officers with the state of Colorado. The Department of Public Safety is also responsible for responding to all incidents that occur on campus involving police, parking, traffic, fire prevention and protection, environmental health and safety, emergency disaster coordination and chemical materials management. The Police Dispatch Center is a full-time operation, 24/7-365 days a year. In compliance with the Clery Act, the University Police publishes the UCCS Safety and Security Report in September of every year. Crime statistics listed in this pamphlet reflect reported crime only and are for calendar years January through December. The document is available online at www.uccs.edu/~pusafety/safety/. In addition, Public Safety provides several community services upon request:

  1. Motorist assists: dead battery jump-starts, retrieval of keys from locked vehicles, etc.

  2. Safety escorts to and/or from vehicles or buildings

  3. Lost and Found Service

Environmental Health and Safety

        (719) 255-3201

Environmental Health and Safety provides safety information, specialization, review, inspection, and recommendations on the plans for environmental safety on the campus. Services include the following areas: fire protection, occupational safety, laboratory safety, regulated waste disposal and others as required.

Emergency Preparedness

        (719) 255-3838

Emergency Preparedness is guided by the overriding goals to protect life and secure critical infrastructure and facilities. These goals are met through the development of teaching, research, and emergency plans (both floor and building) to address disasters and infectious diseases.

Information Technology


 IT Help Desk

        El Pomar Center, first floor
        (719) 255-3536

All university students, staff, and faculty receive computer accounts that give them e-mail and allow them to access the campus network from on- and off-campus. Information on computers, accounts, network access, etc. can be obtained from the IT Help Desk in the El Pomar Center.

Open Computer Labs

Kraemer Family Library
El Pomar Center, second floor
(719) 255-3422

The Kraemer Family Library open computer lab contains Windows and Macintosh computers. Group study rooms contain two Windows computers each plus additional ports for laptop use. For students who use wheelchairs there are six computers (four Macintosh and two Windows computers) on higher desks. Those needing further assistance with computers, other than what is provided in the open labs, should access the Assistive Technology Lab.

The Assistive Technology Lab is available for users with disabilities during all hours the library is open. All students, staff, and faculty with a documented disability should receive training on how to operate special equipment and software through Disability Services. Please contact Ida Dilwood at Disability Services at (719) 255-3354, Main Hall 105, if you have questions about documentation and/or training.

Multimedia Development Lab is available for graphics and video processing. Digital still cameras and digital video cameras are available for check-out at the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the El Pomar Center.

Columbine Hall Open Lab
(719) 255-4229

The Columbine lab contains Windows and Macintosh computers.

Paw Prints (Pay per Page Printing)

All UCCS campus computer labs have a pay per page printing system.  The Paw Prints system is designed to facilitate the printing needs of students, faculty and staff.  New students to UCCS receive approximately the first 34 pages for free.  To continue printing, students must purchase a Paw Prints package.  These packages are conveniently purchased on the web, range from $1.00 to $10.00 and are billed to the student’s UCCS account.  For more information about pay per page printing and the Paw Prints program visit:  www.uccs.edu/pawprints.

Wireless Networking

Our purpose is to provide students with a convenient, secure, and easily accessible wireless campus-wide network.  Wireless networking assists in increasing accessibility to electronic resources not only in the classroom but also throughout most buildings on campus.  The UCCS wireless network is comprised of over 345 access points across campus.  The primary 34 buildings on campus are completely covered with 802.11b/g wireless access and in the new Science and Engineering building, 802.1q1a/b/g/n wireless access. 

For the security of yourself and others on the campus network, IT takes steps to ensure your wireless device is healthy.  When you first attempt to connect to the network, you will be asked to install a diagnostic tool to validate that your system is meeting the campus security requirements.  This piece of software checks to see if your operating system, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are up-to-date.  If not, you will be asked to update them before being allowed access on the UCCS network. 

For more information on the UCCS wireless network or to find the full list of requirements, visit:  www.uccs.edu/helpdesk/wireless.htm

Computerized Classrooms

The IT Department provides several classrooms across campus with computing capabilities. Some are computerized classrooms with an average of 25 computers for student use. Others have a podium with a computer, DVD/VCR, and projection capabilities to enhance lectures by allowing the integration of multimedia presentations.

The Information Technology department provides a wide range of services to the campus.  A full listing of these services can be found at www.uccs.edu/it/services


By using campus information technology resources you are acknowledging that you will abide by the requirements in the following policies.

E-Mail Policy

  1. UCCS use of e-mail. E-mail is an official means for communication within the university. Therefore, the university has the right to send communications to students via e-mail and the right to expect that those communications will be received and read in a timely fashion.

  2. Assignment of student e-mail addresses. Information Technology (IT) will assign all students an official UCCS e-mail address at the time registration is confirmed (after the down payment). It is to this official address that the university will send e-mail communications.

  3. Redirecting of e-mail. A student may have e-mail electronically redirected to another e-mail address. If a student wishes, he or she may have e-mail redirected from his or her official address to another e-mail address (e.g., @aol.com, @hotmail.com, or an address on a departmental server), but at his or her own risk. UCCS will not be responsible for the handling of e-mail by outside vendors or by departmental servers. Having e-mail redirected does not absolve a student from the responsibilities associated with communication sent to his or her official e-mail address.

  4. Expectations regarding student use of e-mail. Students are expected to check their official e-mail address on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with university communications. UCCS recommends checking e-mail once a week at a minimum in that certain communications may be time-critical.

  5. Educational uses of e-mail. Faculty may determine how e-mail will be used in their classes. It is highly recommended that if faculty have e-mail requirements and expectations, they specify these requirements in their course syllabi. Faculty may expect that students’ official e-mail addresses are being accessed and faculty may use e-mail for their courses accordingly.

  6. Appropriate use of student e-mail. In general, e-mail is not appropriate for transmitting sensitive or confidential information unless its use for such purposes is matched by an appropriate level of security.

    1. All use of e-mail, including use for sensitive or confidential information, will be consistent with the Policy Statement on use of e-mail posted in the policies section on the IT Web page—www.uccs.edu/it/policiesweb/email.htm.

    2. Confidentiality regarding student records is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). All use of e-mail, including use for sensitive or confidential information, will be consistent with FERPA.

    3. E-mail shall not be the sole method for notification of any legal action.

Administrative Policy Statement 700-002,  Responsible Computing

Administrative Policy Statement 700-003, Information Technology Security

Residence Life statement, Illegal Media Downloading and File Sharing

CU-NET Broadcast Classes 

     (719) 255-3281

CU-NET Courses

UCCS offers live, interactive, credit-bearing classes over the CU-NET instructional television system. CU-NET broadcast classes are regular courses and off campus students will have access to the instructor through a standard telephone connection. Off-campus students will be expected to follow the same syllabus and meet the same course requirements as in-class students. Course offerings vary semester-to-semester. CU-NET classes are available to adult learners over Comcast. Anyone subscribing to Comcast will receive the classes as part of their basic service; however, to receive credit for classes, students must enroll through the Extended Studies division of the College offering the course. A three-campus network provides video, voice and data transmission among the campuses and supports, in addition to academic courses, administrative teleconferencing and professional development training.


CU-NET provides professional teleconferencing services to the campus community and public and private enterprises in the Pikes Peak Region. Down-linking services are available on campus. Up-linking services are not currently available.

Campus Facilities



        University Center, lower level
        (719) 255-3247

The Bookstore caters to the special needs of the academic community. The educational pursuits and the professionalism of the students, faculty, and staff dictate a full service store offering required course materials, optional course materials, self-help guides, software, and computer accessories, as well as best sellers, general reading books, cards, posters, clothing and gift items, including Mountain Lions insignia items, school supplies and much more. For convenience, personal checks with proper identification, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted. The Bookstore is open year-round, five days a week with special hours at the beginning of fall, spring, and summer terms. In special situations, the hours may vary.


Required and optional course materials are available in the Bookstore. Each course taught is identified by its shelf tag listing course information and arranged according to department, course number, and section. Some used books are available for most classes. Used books sell for 25 percent less than a new book’s list price. Textbook reservations and online purchases are available on our Web site.

Convenience Store

        University Center, lower level

The Convenience Store provides additional products to meet the needs of students, including items such as snacks, grocery items, personal products and more.

Family Development Center

        (719) 255-3483

The Family Development Center, a fully accredited center, provides quality, affordable preschool programs and child care for university families and the community at large. The Center offers educational programs for children ranging in age from one year (and walking) to 10 years. The Center maintains a staff of highly qualified and caring teachers. The activities in the classrooms are planned by professional lead teachers trained in early childhood/child development. Lead teachers are assisted by additional teachers and aides. The Center strives to meet the standards for low child/staff ratios adopted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).The Center is open Monday through Friday. Rates are competitive, with discounts for students and UCCS affiliates. Some scholarships are also available for UCCS students. Enrollment is limited and is on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to UCCS students. Phone or visit the Center for further enrollment information.

Kraemer Family Library

        El Pomar Center
        (719) 255-3296

The Kraemer Family Library supports learning, teaching and research activities of the students and faculty by providing a diverse collection of more than one million items and offering a wide array of information services. These services include a comprehensive library instruction program, electronic data bases, and interlibrary loan and reference services.  The Kraemer Family Library also has a wide variety of educational offerings, including informative exhibits, renowned speakers, and interesting art collections.  Access to a wide variety of electronic resources and the library’s online catalog is available through the library web page, www.uccs.edu/library. The Library is housed in El Pomar Center. Library services are available 101.5 hours per week during the regular semesters. Individual study carrels, computer labs, multimedia development labs, group study rooms, and copy machines are available. Special equipment and software are available to assist the hearing and visually impaired to gain access to library materials.

Library users have access to the library’s collection of 460,000 book volumes, 729,000 microform volumes, 11,000 maps, and 11,000 media items. These items include over 31,000 paper and electronic journal titles as well as U.S. and Colorado government documents. In addition, students and faculty have access to the collections of many of the state’s other academic libraries through personal visits, shared electronic catalogs, or interlibrary loan. The library’s interlibrary loan agreements also provide students and faculty with access to the collections of most of the libraries in the U.S. and other countries.

Print Shop

        Campus Services Building, room 230
        (719) 255-3213

Conveniently located on campus, the UCCS Print Shop has been offering printing services to the campus community for over 25 years. The Print Shop is committed to supporting the educational mission of the University with reliable, high-quality printing and duplicating services.  We take pride in serving faculty, staff and students with courtesy and promptness.

The Print Shop offers a variety of services including: Custom Printing, Oversized Printing, Color and Black & White Copying, Forms, Business Cards, Letterhead, Labels, Invitations, Name Badges, Lamination, Binding, Document Scanning, Transparencies and Faxing.  These services are provided to support academic instruction, the university’s administration, and student activities. 

Copyright clearance may be required for publications. Patrons are responsible for arranging permission to use copyrighted materials processed through the UCCS Print Shop.

University Center

        (719) 255-3450

The University Center is the community center for the university, serving students, staff, faculty, administration, and guests. The University Center complements the academic programs by providing support for out-of-classroom experiences through an extensive array of cultural, recreational, social and educational programs. The University Center is guided by a student-centered organization that values participatory decision making and volunteerism. The University Center provides programs through the services and facilities that are within the Center: Refuge for Organizations, Activities and Recreation (ROAR), including the Office of Campus Activities, Student Government Association and Student Organizations, Recreational Sports, The Scribe, Information Desk, Intercollegiate Athletics, Meeting Rooms, Lounges, Game Room, Overlook Snack Bar, Bookstore, Convenience Store, and Copy Center.The University Center is supported by mandatory student fees. These fees finance repayment of the bond debt, and support entertainment, cultural and educational programs and services not supported by the university’s general fund. The University Center fees are $33 base per head and $9.50 per credit hour.

Student Athletics, Recreational Programs, and Organizations


Intercollegiate Athletics

        University Center, third floor
        (719) 255-3601

The Intercollegiate Athletic program at UCCS seeks to carry out its primary mission of developing exemplary student athletes who participate in the total spectrum of university life. Exemplary student athletes play intercollegiate sports and also focus on education, good character, no substance abuse, leadership and goals. To that end, UCCS sponsors thirteen varsity sports that compete at the NCAA Division II level in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC). Varsity sports include men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross-country, men’s and women’s indoor/outdoor track, women’s volleyball, women’s fast-pitch softball, men’s and women’s soccer and men’s golf. The UCCS Mountain Lion volleyball and basketball teams compete in the new Events Center which will seat 1,200.  It is a part of the University Center in the heart of the campus. The softball team plays at the Mountain Lion Field located at the 4-Diamond Complex on Nevada Avenue, just north of Austin Bluffs Parkway. The soccer team plays at Mountain Lion Stadium. The UCCS men’s golf team plays at local golf clubs. UCCS offers athletic scholarships that are awarded on an individual basis by the head coaches of each of the varsity sports according to the NCAA guidelines.

Campus Recreation Department

        UCCS Campus Recreation Center
        between Summit and Alpine Housing Villages

The Campus Recreation Department provides a variety of programs, facilities, and services that support the leisure and wellness needs of UCCS students, faculty, and staff.

Campus Recreation Center

The UCCS Campus Recreation Center opened in 2006 and is the only LEED Gold certified recreation center in the State of Colorado.  The Recreation Center is available to all currently enrolled students, as well as faculty, staff, and alumni members, and features 54,000 square feet of recreation space that includes a two-court gymnasium with an elevated indoor running track; an indoor aquatic center featuring lap lanes, leisure areas, a drop slide, and a hot tub; an expanded fitness area with state-of-the-art free weights, machine weights, and cardiovascular equipment; an aerobics/dance studio; a multi-purpose meeting room; an outdoor equipment rental and resources center; and a bouldering wall.

Campus Recreation Office

Housed in the Recreation Center, the Campus Recreation Office oversees recreational programs and services which include the following:

  • Intramural Sports: Broad recreational and competitive opportunities are provided through team and individual sports and events, including flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, table tennis, billiards, inner tube water polo, and softball.

  • Club Sports: University approved clubs sponsor instructional, recreational, and competitive programs for their members. Currently active clubs include baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, racquetball, karate, cheerleading, dance, kendo, and ultimate frisbee.

  • Fitness and Conditioning: Students have access to the fitness center as well as a number of other programs and services designed to help increase personal fitness, including group conditioning and aerobics classes, aqua fitness classes, personal training, fitness assessment, and pre-created circuit workouts.

  • Student Outdoor Leadership Adventures (SOLE): Many outings are offered to students, including hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, snowshoeing, canoeing, rock climbing, or avalanche clinics. Also available to help facilitate outdoor travels and adventures are a full array of outdoor equipment for rent as well as trip planning resources.

  • Aquatics: The pool is open to those looking to swim some laps or just relax in the leisure area or hot tub. Aquatic related programming includes swim lessons, aqua fitness classes, intramural aquatic events, water safety classes, kayak instruction, and dive in movies.

Refuge for Organizations, Activities and Recreation (ROAR)

        University Center, first level
        (719) 255-3470
        E-mail: ROAR@uccs.edu

The Refuge for Organizations, Activities and Recreation (ROAR), located across from the University Center Information Desk, is the students’ doorway to campus life!

Through involvement in one or more of the areas within ROAR, students are guaranteed to grow personally, make lifelong friendships, develop valuable lifetime skills, have input into the programs and services offered, contribute to the present and future of the university, and have great fun in the process.

Office of Student Activities (OSA)

        University Center, Room 104
        (719) 255-3540
        E-mail: osa@uccs.edu

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is the primary programming office for student events on campus and is led by one president and two vice presidents who are student employees; eight other students are employed as the council chairs. OSA’s mission statement is “Leading & Learning Together…Creating community through entertainment, enrichment, and inclusion.” Strongly believing in student development and community participation, OSA works closely with co-sponsors and event coordinators to offer a variety of ways for students to be involved on campus.  OSA provides multiple opportunities to meet people, learn and build upon skills, volunteer, and explore career opportunities.

OSA consists of a Program Coordinator who advises a staff of 7-10 student employees.  The student-run staff includes a Council President, Advertising and Marketing Coordinators, and 4-7 event coordinators.   UCCS community members, student clubs, academic departments, and the local community are encouraged to co-sponsor events with OSA throughout the year by submitting event proposals.

A few traditional events sponsored by OSA include the DisOrientation Week, Back to the Bluffs, Harlem Cabaret, ROAR Daze, and Open Mic Night. Most events are free to students and open to the entire UCCS community. For more information, call (719) 255-3128 or (719) 255-3987, or come by the office.

Student Government and Student Organizations

        University Center
        (719) 255-3470

The UCCS Student Government Association serves as the official voice of the student body.  Student Government provides a wide variety of activities and services. For more information call 719-255-3046 or visit the office in ROAR, UC Room102.

In addition, there are more than 140 student clubs and organizations at UCCS. They include academic, social, religious, sports, political, honorary, and special interest organizations. Enjoy the satisfaction of being part of a group and getting things done, meeting people with similar interests, and developing leadership skills. For information about how to join an organization or to form a new organization, students are encouraged to call or come by the ROAR Office or check out the Web site at www.uccs.edu/~sga/clubs.html.