2022-2023 Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID), BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID) degree at UCCS is one of only a few stand-alone technical communication programs in the country and prepares students for the rapidly-growing, high-salary career fields of usability and user experience design, technical writing, web creation, instructional design, editing, non-profit writing, and information design. TCID has user experience at its foundation and is dedicated to making complex information available and useful to users in an increasingly technological society.

TCID is also a “STEM adjacent” discipline, providing a path for students interested in a career in technology who prefer advanced preparation in writing, communication, information, management and human interaction to complement math and science.


Professors: Sean D. Williams (Director)
Associate Professors: K. Alex Ilyasova
Senior Instructors: Cheryl Birkelo, Crystal Baye Herald, Carolyn Kiser, Jamie May, Melonie McMichael, Jennifer Scott, and Thomas Wahl

TCID Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the TCID program will:

  • Write clearly and effectively for specific audience and purposes
  • Assess and learn new technologies to meet communication goals
  • Communicate fluently in multiple media formats
  • Collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds
  • Manage complex projects and ethically manage the work of others
  • Conduct user research and communicate that research effectively to others.

Programs of Study

TCID offers the following programs of study:

Accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) + TCID BA (5-year program, both degrees)

Bachelor of Arts, Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID)

Minor, Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID)

Minor, User Experience Design (UXD)

Certificate, Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID)

Certificate, User Experience Design (UXD)

Badge, Information Design

Badge, Iterative Design Processes

Badge, Technical Writing Foundations

Badge, User Experience Research and Design

Departmental Honors

Exceptional Students who earn a 3.75 GPA within the TCID program and an overall UCCS GPA of 3.5 will be eligible for departmental honors upon graduation.

Program Requirements

Graduates of the TCID program will be prepared in both the discipline and an associated specialty by completing 27 credit hours of core TCID courses, 9 hours of practice and theory courses, and 9 credit hours in a concentration area as outlined below (45 credit hours total in the major). Students must earn a 2.0 cumulative UCCS GPA as well as a C- in all TCID core course work to successfully complete this degree.

Course Requirements

Required Concentration Area (9 credit hours)

Complete nine credit hours in one of the following Concentration Areas.