2021-2022 Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business, BI™

The Bachelor of Innovation (BI) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program. The BI™ is actually a family structure, much like a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts, in which particular majors are defined. The BI is a very structured program with a general education core, a common core in innovation, an in-depth major field of study/emphasis core, and a cross-discipline core to help ensure the breadth needed for innovation.

Bachelor of Innovation Requirements

Credit Hours

The total number of credits needed to graduate in the BI in Business will be 120 credit hours (45 hours must be upper division).  Thirty hours must be completed at UCCS as a College of Business student to meet the residency requirement.

General Education

The BI program follows the Compass Curriculum for General Education as established by UCCS. 

The Innovation Core

This requires 24 credit hours, geared toward innovation and entrepreneurship; a key component is multi-disciplinary team activities over the sophomore, junior and senior years.

The Degree/Major Emphasis

This is the set of courses that a student takes to satisfy the main area of emphasis–the “core” of the bachelor’s degree program. For the BI in Business it is 45 minimum credits in business, to follow the AACSB requirements.

Cross-Discipline Core

Each cross-discipline core is a coherent collection of 15 credits from one “cross over” area that each student selects in their degree program. The goal is to provide some basic knowledge, appreciation and experience about what professionals in that area do and to provide sufficient background to effectively interact in that domain. The cross-discipline core is a targeted list of courses, not just a total number of credits in an area. See below for a list of courses in each cross-discipline core. Up to three credits of approved career development courses may also be used to satisfy the requirements for any cross-discipline core. Please visit the BI website at innovation.uccs.edu for more information.

Course Requirements

Upper-Division Electives

Complete 9 hours of unused 3000- or 4000-level College of Business courses.

  • Note: Students may select an Area of Emphasis.  Area of Emphasis courses will fulfill the Business Electives requirement.

Areas of Emphasis

Business Administration

This Area of Emphasis consists of Pre-Approved contracted courses.  See an advisor for details.