2015-2016 Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Letters, Arts, and Sciences Master of Sciences Degree Program (MSc)

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The Master of Sciences (MSc) Program is a cross-disciplinary program leading to the Master of Sciences degree. It provides an opportunity for present and prospective science and mathematics professionals and others to extend and/or broaden their training in the natural and physical sciences and mathematics at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.This program is the only graduate-level program in the natural and physical sciences that can be taken entirely at UCCS. The breadth of the program allows students to emphasize their principal discipline of interest and also to take several courses in a related department. There is no list of required courses in the degree program. Instead, each student designs his or her own program in consultation with a departmental advisor.

The MSc options are:

Wide latitude is possible in the details of a degree plan so that each student may follow a course of study most pertinent to his or her interests and career goals. Each degree plan must be approved by the MSc Director and the student’s advisor.

Requirements for Admission

General regulations for admission to the Graduate School apply. Each program has its own admission criteria. Please contact the program for more information.

How to Apply

Applications are submitted online. Contact your program of interest for specific admission requirements or you may contact the UCCS Graduate School.

Requirements for MSc Degree

Each program has its own standards for the MSc degree. All requirements are subject to the general regulations of the Graduate School. 

Thesis or Non-Thesis Option

The student has the option of selecting Plan I or Plan II.

Plan I: Thesis Option

30 semester hours, including 3-6 hours of thesis credit. At least 24 semester hours must be at the graduate level, with at least 15 credits taken in their primary department. A minimum of three credit hours must be taken from a secondary department. Student must write a thesis on their research, give a presentation, and defend their thesis before a thesis defense committee. Please see your program advisor of department for the Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines and Manual.

Plan II: Non-Thesis Option

30 semester hours; at least 24 semester hours must be at the graduate level, with at least 15 credits taken in their primary department. A minimum of three credit hours must be taken from a secondary department. Student must complete a paper describing a research project or other specialized study on a topic and give a presentation. This paper must be approved by the student’s committee.

Mathematics and Science Teaching Options

This option requires 36 semester hours of study. The same rules are followed as for the science option except that 24 hours of science/math and 12 hours of education courses are required.

For the 12 hours of required education courses, students should consult their advisors to choose courses suitable for their programs.

Students may select either Plan I: Thesis or Plan II: Non-Thesis option.

BA/BS-MSc Dual Degree Program option

For students majoring in biology, chemistry, or physics. The dual degree program is a high quality, five-year program designed for students who wish to pursue further graduate studies such as doctoral programs and for those who wish to be gainfully employed in work in the natural or physical sciences upon graduation.

By achieving two degrees in a shorter period than traditionally possible in some of the MSc disciplines, students can benefit from an enriching research experience beyond what they would achieve by completing a BA or a BS alone.

Dual Degree Entrance Requirements

Applicants must be biology, chemistry, or physics majors, have junior or senior status, and a minimum overall GPA of 3.1. Qualified students will be admitted to the Dual Program (as “Dual Program majors”) based upon the recommendation of the faculty (three letters of recommendation). Students will be accepted into the Dual Program as juniors or seniors, and, subject to their satisfactory performance, are subsequently accepted into the graduate school upon completion of the BA or BS degree.

Transfer Students

Upon receiving acceptance to UCCS, transfer students interested in the Dual Program should consult with a departmental advisor.

Major Requirements

Each department has a minimum set of requirements in the major that must be met before a student can be admitted to the Dual Program.

Dual Program Plan

The degree plan for each student is drawn up in cooperation with the department program advisor and department chair. Every student is expected to take 120 undergraduate hours and 30 graduate hours. However, some 5000-level hours may be taken during the fourth year and more 400-level undergraduate hours may be taken during the fifth year (more than for a typical MSc student).

After completing these minimum requirements, a Dual Program student can then proceed to complete additional upper level courses. Consultation with the program advisor and department chair is required to formulate an academic plan for the Dual Program.

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