2015-2016 Catalog 
    Sep 29, 2022  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latino/a Studies Undergraduate Certificate (WEST)

Coordinator: Dr. Andrea Herrera, ACAD 426
Email: aherrera@uccs.edu
Ph: (719) 255-4001

The WEST program is committed to deepening the understanding of the histories, cultures, and perspectives of groups whose stories and experiences have been marginalized, with special emphasis on those within our own community. Thus, an area that we are developing within the program is Latino/a Studies.  Approached with a special emphasis on cultural and historical context, this concentration is designed to highlight the diverse experiences of the various Latino/a communities in the United States, and engage students in the ongoing debate regarding how transnational Latina/o identifications are constructed and defined in the wake of the globalization, migration, and diaspora.  The courses offered in this concentration emphasize the manner in which cultural identification has been approached, theorized and defined, and the manner in which ethnic/racial, cultural and social identity has been conceptualized in terms of intertwined categories such as class, gender, and sexual or religious orientation. For WEST majors, minors, and other students wishing to concentrate in these areas, we offer a certificate of specialization in Latino/a Studies.

Given the particular demographics of the region in which we are located, a certificate in Latino/a Studies is attractive to a wide range of employers and educational institutions, including social work, graduate and professional schools, community action organizations (non-profits and NGOs), heath care providers, government agencies, and social/ legal services.  Participation in the certification program also provides students with opportunities for networking and mentoring within these specializations.

To enroll in the certificate program, please meet with the coordinator to turn in the completed application form.The form is available as a PDF from the website, from the coordinator, or from the WEST office: ACAD 406, Ph. (719) 255-4553.

In order to complete the certificate program, students are required to submit a transcript and a five-page, typewritten self-reflective statement evaluating her/his perceptions regarding the knowledge gained in the concentration and implications for future scholarly and professional work. Please submit the statement to the coordinator. The certificate will be mailed to recipients upon completion of a certificate audit by the coordinator and graduation.

Course Requirements

After completing WEST 1010 - Introduction to Social Justice Studies: Leadership, Inclusion, and Engagement , students are required to complete 12 credit hours of the WEST or SPAN courses given below (9 of which must be upper division). A minimum grade of 2.0 (C) is required for each course applied to the certificate.

Students are strongly encouraged to study in a setting where Spanish is spoken. Travel courses are offered, for example, by Women’s and Ethnic Studies and the Departments of Languages & Cultures, Anthropology, and Geography at UCCS, and are also available through the Office of International Education at UC Boulder and Denver.

Course selection guidelines:

  • Independent studies may not be used to earn this certificate.
  • All courses must be offered through the WEST program or Languages & Cultures Department (SPAN) and/or affiliates.