2014-2015 Catalog 
    Jul 18, 2024  
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering in Battery Controls, MSEE-BC

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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers course work and thesis supervision leading to the degree Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with an option in Battery Controls (MSEE-BC).

Admission Requirements

Students who desire admission to the MSEE-BC degree must additionally request, in writing, entrance to the Battery Controls option.  Entrance to the Battery Controls option may be requested either at the time of application to the MSEE, or subsequent to admission to the MSEE, but prior to conferral of the degree.

Standard admission to the MSEE-BC requires, in addition to standard MSEE requirements, evidence of academic maturity equivalent to completion with a grade of “B” or better of the following university-level coursework:

  • Mathematics: Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations

  • Science: Physics III - calculus based, General Chemistry I

  • Engineering: Circuits II, Electronics I, Linear Systems

Guaranteed Early Admission

A student who is in his or her final semester studying toward either a BSEE or BSCpE at UCCS is guaranteed admission to the MSEE-BC program if he or she satisfies the following criteria:

  1. The student must have completed a maximum of 45 semester hours at UCCS at the time of graduation with the BS degree.
  2. The student must be registered in his or her final undergraduate semester (in either the BSEE or BSCpE programs) at the time of application to the MSEE program.
  3. The student must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.25.
  4. The student must submit a letter of recommendation from the current department chairperson.

Early admission is not available to students who are not residents of the United States of America.

Fast-track Admission

The fast-track admission process is designed to offer a more efficient admission process to former undergraduate students who have graduated from UCCS no more than four years prior to the time of application to a graduate program. A student applying under the fast-track admission rules must submit the following to the Department:

  • The Fast-Track Admission application form, accurately and completely filled out
  • A completed residency form(back of application form), if the student claims in-state-tuition eligibility
  • A check or money order (for the appropriate amount) nonrefundable application fee
  • Official transcripts for any university level studies attempted after graduation from UCCS
  • A statement giving permission to the ECE graduate program office to obtain an internal transcript from SIS for the applicant. These forms are available from the ECE office, and must be signed by the student
  • A letter of recommendation (which may consist of a signed letter from the chairperson of the student’s former undergraduate department). Any student with a record that will only allow provisional admission must provide a minimum of two letters of recommendation, using the forms available from the ECE office.

Fast-track admission is only available to graduates of the UCCS College of Engineering & Applied Sc.

Regular Admission

Regular admission to the MSEE program requires the following:

  • A 3.0 undergraduate grade point average (GPA)
  • The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) may be required of any student whose GPA falls below this average or is not a graduate of an ABET accredited undergraduate program in electrical engineering. The verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning portions of the GRE are required of all foreign applicants.

Graduates of foreign universities are required to demonstrate proficiency in English with the TOEFL, IELTS or other methods approved by the ECE Graduate Studies Committee.

Note that units completed before admission may not all be transferable into a graduate degree program.

Provisional Admission

Students not admitted on a regular basis may be admitted on a provisional basis depending on their overall application file, including GPA, GRE, letters of recommendation, etc. Students admitted on a provisional basis are often required to take remedial courses (these are specified in the letter of acceptance). Registration for such remedial courses must commence with the first semester of a student’s program with at least three credits completed per semester until all remedial requirements are satisfied.

Application Deadlines

Applications are reviewed on a continual basis, but need to be received by April 1 (fall admission) or October 1 (spring admission) for students who are applying for assistantships. It is recommended that international students apply at least three months prior to the start of the semester to allow time to request a visa.

For more information about these programs, contact the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Bldg. Room 299, or call (719) 255-3548. Send an e-mail to Eva Wynhorst at ewynhors@uccs.edu or visit our website for application materials and more information.

Duration of Program

The completion of the MSEE-BC degree is normally accomplished in one to three years, and should be accomplished in six years, commencing with the beginning of course work. A student who is not continuously enrolled (missing three consecutive semesters) becomes inactive and is subject to them rules governing Readmission of Former Students outlined in the Graduate School procedures.

Course Requirements

Elective Courses

Student chooses two three-semester-hour elective courses from the following list if receiving an MSEE-BC with thesis track; otherwise student chooses four three-semester-hour elective courses from the following list:

  • ECEN 5007 (CU-Boulder)
  • ECEN 5737 (CU-Boulder)


Student may substitute up to two different relevant graduate courses from the Electrical and Computer Engineering or affiliated departments for elective courses with approval of the MSEE-BC program director.  Student may not substitute any core course unless already taken by the student and applied to another degree.  In that case, student may substitute from the elective course list.

Acceptable Grades

The student must have an overall graduate GPA of 3.0 in order to graduate.  The student must have a grade of “C” or better in all courses applied toward the MSEE-BC degree option.

Sample Program

Full-Time Students (One Year Plan)

 Fall semester (15 credit hours)

  • Course from elective list
  • Course from elective list (non-thesis track), or determine thesis topic (thesis track)
  • ECE 5710 
  • ECE 5550 
  • ECE 5570 

Spring Semester (15 credit hours)

  • ECE 5720 
  • ECE 5560 
  • ECE 5590 
  • Course from elective list
  • Course from elective list (non-thesis track), or determine thesis topic (thesis track)

Summer Semester

  • MSEE project and Master’s report (non-thesis track) or Thesis (thesis-track)

Part-Time Students (Two-Year Plan)

Year 1

Fall Semester (6 credit hours)

Spring Semester (6 credit hours)

  • ECE 5720 
  • ECE 5590 
  • Determine thesis topic/background research (thesis track)

Summer Semester (3-6 credit hours)

  • Two courses from elective list (non-thesis option) or thesis research (thesis track)

Year 2

Fall Semester (6 credit hours)

Spring Semester (6 credit hours)

Summer Semester (0-3 credit hours)

  • MSEE project and Masters Report (non-thesis track) or Thesis (thesis track)

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