2008-2009 Catalog 
    Oct 07, 2022  
2008-2009 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science

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Emeritus: Augusteijn, Badal, Sebesta. Professors: Boult (El Pomar Chair of Computer Communications and Networking), Chow, Kalita, Semwal and Shub; Associate Professors: Chamillard, Pinson, and Wiener (Chair); Assistant Professor: Zhou; Instructor: Carter.

Programs Coordinated by the Department:

Minor in Computer Engineering
Minor in Computer Science
Game Design and Development Minor
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science
Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science Security
Bachelor of Innovation in Game Design and Development
Software Engineering Certificate
Information Assurance Certificate
Secure Software Systems Certificate
Master of Engineering in Games and Media Integration
Master of Engineering in Information Assurance
Master of Engineering in Software Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Science
PhD Program in Engineering, Computer Science
Concentration and Security

Computer Science Study

Computer science encompasses a relatively new body of knowledge that treats both theoretical foundations and practical applications of computers. Since the 1950s, significant human, financial, and physical resources have been directed toward the design and development of both less expensive and more powerful computers. These efforts have resulted in a wide variety of computers, ranging from microcomputers costing a few hundred dollars to multi-million dollar parallel processors.

Computer science has applications in virtually every major field, including banking, business administration and management, engineering, applied and pure mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, word-processing, database management, simulation, numerical analysis, statistics, games, robotics,medicine, animation, automobile and aviation industry, personal communication, and security.

The application of digital computers in all phases of our lives has created many career opportunities. The job market for graduates having a degree in computer science is strong and supported by clear trends for continued growth.

The UCCS curriculum in computer science presented in this Bulletin is modern and rigorous. The Department of Computer Science takes great pride in emphasizing quality teaching supported by modern computer facilities. The UCCS curriculum in computer science also requires a concentration of related courses chosen by the student. This requirement is intended to insure that the graduates of the program will have a base of knowledge embracing a field where computers are applied.

BS Degree

UCCS offers a complete four-year program of study leading to a BS degree in computer science. The undergraduate curriculum provides students with theoretical foundations and practical experience in both hardware and software aspects of computers. The curriculum in computer science is integrated with courses in the sciences and the humanities to offer an education that is broad, yet of sufficient depth and relevance to enhance student employment opportunities upon graduation. As a degree program within a professional school of the university, the curriculum is based on the criterion that graduates are expected to function successfully in a professional employment environment immediately upon graduation.

Joint BS Degree

The Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering jointly offer a BS Degree in Computer Engineering. This program is described in detail in the Electrical and Computer Engineering section.

Minor Program

UCCS also offers a flexible minor in computer science. The minor provides students the ability to formally supplement their study in other fields with a rigorous computer science background that will enhance employment opportunities after graduation.

General Courses

Students who do not intend to major or minor in computer science may take computer science courses to broaden their backgrounds and complement their degree curricula. Introductory courses CS 100, 103, 104, 105, 106, and 107 are intended to make computer literacy and programming available to a broad class of students. CS115 and 145 are recommended for those who anticipate doing extensive computing in their student or professional careers.


The BSCS degree at UCCS is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET 111Market Place, Suite 1050 Baltimore,MD 21202-4012 (410) 347-7700.

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