2020-2021 Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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  • Professors: Lesley Ginsberg, Rebecca Laroche, Thomas J. Napierkowski, and Susan Taylor
  • Professors Emeriti: Alexander L. Blackburn, Kenneth Pellow, and Jeffrey Rubin-Dorsky
  • Professor Emerita: Joan Ray
  • Senior Instructor Emerita: Ceil Malek
  • Associate Professors: Katherine Mack (Chair), and Kirsten Bartholomew Ortega
  • Assistant Professors: Ann Amicucci, Steven Carter, Laura Collins, David Diamond, and Suhaan Mehta
  • Director, Writing Across the Curriculum/Portfolio Assessment & Assistant Professor Attendant Rank: Michelle Neely
  • Senior Instructors: Gina Baldoni-Rus, Anthony Friedhoff, Catherine Grandorff, Phillip Haisley, Keri Hemenway, Kathleen Johnson, Chelsea Lawson, Omar Montoya, Rebecca Posusta, Leslie Rapparlie, Christine Robinson Coon, Kacey Ross, M. Nate Siebert, Meghan Tifft, Sarah Treschl and Andrea Wenker
  • Instructors: Michelle Brown, Craig Bubeck, Heather Fester, Sheldon Gaskell, Juliet Green,Cody Kaser, Emily Katseanes, Jarret Krone, Chris Martin, DeLyn Martineau, Nathan Price, Martin Salgado, Adrian Shaw, and Erin Trauth

Programs of Study

English Department Academic Policies

Levels of Courses

Ordinarily, 1000-level courses are taken prior to 2000-level courses, and so on. Unless otherwise indicated, courses have general prerequisites as follows: for 2000-level courses, 24 prior college credit hours; for 3000-level courses, 30 college credit hours; for 4000-level courses, 45 college credit hours.

Prerequisite for All English Courses

Students must fulfill the ENGL 1310  requirement prior to taking any other English course beyond 1310. For English majors, ENGL 2010  is a prerequisite for all other literature courses offered through the Department of English. For non-majors, ENGL 1500  is a prerequisite for all 2000-level and non-major literature courses.

Graduate Course Offerings

In general, a 4000-level course may also be taken for graduate credit as a 5000-level course. See instructor for details. 5000- and 6000-level courses are for graduate students only.

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