2024-2025 Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog


College Opportunity Fund


In May 2004, an act of the Colorado state legislature established a new way for the State of Colorado to provide state tax-dollar support for higher education at the undergraduate level. The state is no longer appropriating monies to institutions for undergraduate education, but instead provides direct funding to undergraduate students through the College Opportunity Fund (COF).

This program, also known as “vouchers” or “stipends,” allows resident undergraduate students to request that COF vouchers be applied to their university bills. This can reduce your bill. You can apply for COF on the College Assist website and you can authorize COF in the MyUCCS Portal. Detailed instructions on how to apply for and authorize COF can be found on the UCCS Student Financial Services website.

Details of the COF program are determined by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) and the College Assist Program. Updated details are also available at https://www.cusys.edu/ums/cof/faq.html and https://cof.college-assist.org/.

Tuition Rates


The Board of Regents reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time.

Tuition rates are published on the UCCS Student Financial Services website at https://bursar.uccs.edu/tuition-and-fees. The Student Financial Services (Bursar) Office can be reached at (719) 255-3391 or bursar@uccs.edu.

Expenses for students attending the University of Colorado Colorado Springs vary depending on tuition classification, student academic level, program of study, student fees, course fees, and housing choices (on or off campus) and other course, program, or miscellaneous charges. Textbooks and course materials are an additional cost not included on the University bill. A student’s total tuition, fees, and housing can be estimated using the bill estimator at https://bursar.uccs.edu/estimate-your-bill.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Payments and Balance Due Dates

Students must pay their University bill in full or enroll in a deferred payment plan by the first due date (census date) of each semester (see the Registration Handbook). Students who are utilizing 3rd party sponsor billing to pay all or part of their University bill, including employer-paid tuition assistance, military TA, or veteran’s benefits, need to complete the Sponsor Billing Request or Request for Enrollment Verification form in their MyUCCS portal each term you wish to have the University invoice the sponsor for tuition and fee costs. Any balance not paid by 3rd party billing or VA benefits is also due on or before the first due date (census date) of each term. Each semesters’ due dates and payment plan enrollment options and dates as well as other important billing information can be located on the Student Financial Services (Bursar) website https://bursar.uccs.edu/ and are also published in the Registration Handbook. E-bills will be available online approximately three to four weeks prior to due date. Payments must be received at the Student Financial Services Office by the due date. Mail postmarked on the due date will not be honored.

Bills not paid by the appropriate due date will be assessed a prorated late fine up to $50 and will accrue a 1% per month service charge on the unpaid balance (12% APR). Late fines and service charges will only be adjusted if a University error caused the charges to be assessed to the student account.

Students receiving financial aid will have tuition and fees deducted from their awards when disbursed to the University bill. If the amount of financial aid disbursed is not sufficient to pay the entire amount due, any remaining balance will be due by the first due date, or students may enroll in a deferred payment plan. Any financial aid in excess of the amount due will be deposited to the student’s bank account after completion of a Direct Deposit Authorization form, which is submitted online via the MyUCCS Portal, or refunded to the student via bank warrant mailed to the student’s address on file. 

Personal Checks

A student’s personal check is accepted for any university obligation, unless the student is deemed to be a poor credit risk. Any personal check (paper or e-check) returned will result in a hold that will prevent all future check payments indefinitely.

A $30 service charge will be assessed for all returned checks.

Payment Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure payment is completed by the established due date. Students who enroll after the last day of late registration/census date must pay a $50 late registration fee and meet the established final payment due date(s).

Drops or Withdrawals

A course drop or complete withdrawal from UCCS is effective as of:

  1. The date the course is dropped, or the complete withdrawal from all courses occurs online, if online drops/withdrawals is available, or
  2. The date the completed form is returned to and stamped “received” by the Records office, if online drops/withdrawals is not available.

If any adjustment in tuition is to be made, the adjustment will be based on the effective date as determined above (see the Registration Handbook for Withdrawal & Refund Policies).

Census Date Determination

The census date is the final controlling date for assessment of tuition and receiving a refund for a change in registration (dropped course), as well as requesting the pass/fail option or changing back to a letter grade, and a number of other academic, financial, and registration functions. Census date for full-semester classes is the 12th class day of a fall or spring semester or the 6th class day of the summer term. The exact day and date is printed in the Registration Handbook each semester.

Health Insurance


UCCS does not have a mandatory insurance requirement. While UCCS does not currently offer a student insurance plan, we do recommend that all students consider having insurance coverage. For those students interested in looking at insurance options, we recommend checking ColoradoConnectPlans.com to check eligibility and look for plans through our state insurance exchange. For more information visit www.uccs.edu/recwellness.

For more information regarding international student health insurance, please review Health Care and Medical Insurance in the U.S. - An Overview   

Student Fees


Student Fees Disclaimer: The Board of Regents reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time. Questions regarding tuition and fees should be addressed to Student Financial Services at (719) 255-3391 or bursar@uccs.edu. Up-to-date fee information can be found at https://bursar.uccs.edu/tuition-and-fees.

All students enrolled for courses are assessed mandatory student fees; the amounts and applications are detailed in the following accounts. 

General Fees

Matriculation Fee

This charge is assessed to all students new to the University of Colorado system. It is a one-time charge of $25 and covers the normal cost of establishing your university record. The fee is assessed during registration or at the time of initial enrollment and is refundable up to census date if a student completely withdraws from school.

Safety and Transportation Fee

The Safety and Transportation fee is charged per student, per semester regardless of a student’s credit hour course load. The anticipated fee is $125 for the fall and spring semesters, and $62.50 for the summer semester. Some of the things the student Safety and Transportation fee pays for are as follows:

  • Campus shuttles
  • Increased hours and service from the campus police
  • Emergency phones on campus
  • Lighting along roadways and in parking lots

Wellness Center Fee

The Wellness Center fee is mandatory for all undergraduate students. It provides access to all of the services and programs of the UCCS Wellness Center. The anticipated fee is $140 for the fall and spring semesters and $70 for the summer semester.

Student Identification Fee

All new students will be billed automatically for a mobile ID card and should follow the instructions at https://liononecard.uccs.edu/mobile-id to set up their mobile ID during their first semester at UCCS. The fee is $15.00. All students, faculty, and staff are required to have a UCCS mobile ID card. For questions, please contact the University Center Information Desk.

Student Events/Performance Fee

The Student Events/Performance fee of $4.50 per semester for students enrolled in more than 6 credit hours and $2.75 per semester for students enrolled in 6 or fewer credit hours provides free access for all UCCS students to all Theatreworks performances and events in the Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater.

Athletics Fee

The anticipated fee is $13 per credit hour; provides support for eight women’s and six men’s intercollegiate sports programs.

Campus Recreation Center Bond Fee

The anticipated fee is $190 for the fall and spring semesters, and $95 for the summer semester. This fee is mandatory for all undergraduate students and provides for the repayment of bonded indebtedness on building as well as support for operations and programs..

Family Development Center Bond Fee

The anticipated fee is $14 for the fall and spring semesters, and $7 for the summer semester. This fee repays bonded indebtedness on building as well as support for childcare operations.

Family Development Center Operating Fee

The anticipated fee is $4.50 for the fall and spring semesters, and $2.25 for the summer semester. This fee supports programs and services.

Student Activities Fee

The anticipated fee is $18 for the fall and spring semesters, and $9 for the summer semester. This fee supports student organizations, the student newspaper, student government operations and other student activities.

Student Recreation Fee

The anticipated fee is $1.50 per credit hour; this supports recreation programs and activities and campus fitness center.

University Center Bond Fee

The anticipated fee is $40 for the fall and spring semesters, and $20 for the summer semester, plus $11.50 per credit hour; this repays bonded indebtedness on the University Center building and supports entertainment, cultural and educational programs, and the Center’s operation.

Media Fee

The anticipated fee is $0.75; All undergraduate students are charged this mandatory fee. It is used to help fund the student-run newspaper and radio, plus future media organizations on campus.

Orientation Fee

$100 undergraduates; It is necessary for the orientation program to charge a fee on student accounts in order to provide program staffing and materials. The orientation program does not charge this fee for profit. This fee is assessed once the student attends orientation (or online orientation is initiated) and is enrolled in at least one class.

Parking Permits

(719) 255-3528

It is the policy of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education that parking for vehicles owned by students, faculty and staff must be funded on a self-supporting basis from special charges made of those owning automobiles and parking them on campus. In accordance with this policy, the UCCS Parking and Transportation Services operation has been established as a self-supporting auxiliary enterprise, RECEIVING NO STATE APPROPRIATIONS from tax revenues. This means that the construction, improvement and maintenance of all parking facilities at UCCS are financed solely through permit sales, parking fines and visitor parking revenue. Annual revenue must be sufficient to satisfy operating expenses and to repay revenue bonds sold to construct parking facilities.

Residential students parking a car on campus receive an Academic Year Resident Permit. The Resident Permit allows students to park in the Alpine Parking Garage and Border parking lots ONLY. The cost of this permit is incorporated into their room and board plan and is issued at move-in during the fall semester.

Commuter students have the option of purchasing a variety of parking permits which allow them to park in various lots on campus. Please visit the Parking & Transportation Services website for current permit offerings and prices. Commuter students not wishing to purchase a parking permit may park free of charge at 500 series lots at and near the Ent Center for the Arts building (formerly known as the Four Diamonds Sports Complex), 5225 N. Nevada Avenue. Shuttle service to the main campus is provided free of charge to students.

Cars violating parking regulations are subject to ticketing, immobilization, and/or towing. Parking is on a first come, first served basis. Faculty, staff and students should direct all parking or transportation related inquiries to Parking and Transportation Services, located at the Public Safety Building, room 104, or call (719) 255-3528.

Textbook Affordability & Access Program (TAAP) 

TAAP Website
(719) 255-3357

All students are automatically enrolled in TAAP membership with the option to “TAAP out.” Each student will have a personalized value sheet within their portal; they will then be able to make an informed decision to keep their membership or to TAAP out. When TAAPing out, it is all or nothing. Students either TAAP out entirely or stay in for all courses. Students can regain their membership once TAAPed out until Census. The anticipated cost of TAAP is $25 per credit hour + sales tax. For more information and up-to date pricing, please visit https://www.uccs.edu/taap.

Academic and Instructional Fees

Refunds for course or instructional fees and deposits for students who withdraw from school are made according to the refund schedules found in the Registration Handbook for each semester or term of the academic year. A full refund of course or instructional fees and deposits for courses dropped on or before the census date is made to students who remain enrolled for at least one course.

Colleges and Schools may change the fee schedule at any time without prior notice. For details and a listing of specific fees, please see the Registration Handbook.

The following course, online, program and department fees are representative of, but not inclusive of, all fees:


Course Fee-$10. ANTH 3010

Course Fee-$15. ANTH 4420

Course Fee-$20. ANTH 3210, 4200

Course Fee-$30. ANTH 4210, 4320

Course Fee-$50. ANTH 2220, 3360, 3500

Course Fee-$100. ANTH 3170, 3190

All online courses-$100


Program Fee: $15 per credit hour. Includes all courses with BIOL prefix.


Accounting (ACCT), Cybersecurity (CSYM), Finance (FNCE), Information Systems (INFS) & Quantitative Methods (QUAN) Program Fee-$15 per credit hour.

Business (BUSN) Program Fee-$5 per credit hour

In addition, students enrolled in online courses are assessed a $100 fee per class.

Students enrolled in the PGA Professional Golf Management (PGMT) program will be charged fees commensurate with the program fees associated with PGA requirements.

Sport Management Program Fee-$175 per semester.

Please see the Registration Handbook for the current fees. 


Program Fee: all lab courses-$130. Includes CHEM 1102, 1112, 1122, 1201, 1211, 1221, 1333, 1402, 1412, 1513, 2904, 3002, 3102, 3112, 3203, 3213, 4002, 4012, 4102, 4112, 4222, 4232, 4904, 5222, 5232, 5904.

All online courses-$100


Course Fee-$20. COMM 3500.

Program Fee-$30. Includes each course in TV production and/or film making: COMM 2250, 2270, 3100, 3270, 3400, 4170, 4270.

All online courses-$100


Program Fee-$5 per credit hour. Includes ECON 1000, 1010, 1050, 2020.

All online courses-$100


Air Officer Command Cohort (AOCC) Program Fee-$13 per credit hour.

Counseling and Human Services (COUN) Program Fee-$13 per credit hour.

Curriculum and Instruction (CURR) Program Fee-$20 per credit hour.

Leadership (LEAD) Program Fee-$10 per credit hour.

Special Education (SPED) Program Fee-$20 per credit hour.

Inclusive Early Childhood Education (IECE) Program Fee-$20 per credit hour.

Inclusive Elementary Education (IELM) Program Fee-$20 per credit hour.

Teacher Education (TED) Program Fee-$20 per credit hour.

Air Force Cohort Program Fee-$100.  

Candidate for Degree-$723.46. Includes all courses with catalog number 9990; COUN, CURR, LEAD, SPED.

UCCS Teach Program Fee-$50. Includes UTED 2010, 3020, 4710, 4720, 4730 & UTLS 3030, 3040, and 3480.

Curriculum Program Fee-$100. CURR 5523.

All online courses - $100.

Engineering and Applied Sciences

Engineering (ENGR) & Computer Science (CS) Program Fee-$15 per credit hour/max $180.

Electrical Engineering (ECE) & Mechanical Engineering (MAE) Program fee-$30 per credit hour/max $360.

All online courses-$100.

Candidate for Degree-$876.46. Includes all courses with catalog number 9990; CS, ECE, MAE.

English/Technical Comm & Info Design 

Program Fee-$10. ENGL 1300, 1410, TCID 2080, 2090, 3080, 3120, 3140, 3750, 3860, 3865, 4080

Program Fee-$25. Includes ENGL 1305, 1308, 1310.

Portfolio Fee (PORT 3000)-$25

All online courses-$100.

Geology and Geography

Course Fee-$5. GES 1500.

Program Fee Geology Field Trip 1 -$10. Includes GEOL 1010, 3700.

Program Fee Geology Field Trip 2 -$15. Includes GEOL 1020.

Program Fee Geography Lab 1-$10. Includes GES 1050, 3060, 4090, 4270, 5060, 5090, 5270.

Program Fee Geography Lab 2-$15. Includes GES 3200, 4310, 4340, 5310, 5340.

Program Fee Geography Lab 3-$20. Includes GES 2050, 3030, 3050, 4080, 4120, 4130, 5030, 5080, 5120, 5130.

Program Fee Geography Lab 4-$30. Includes GES 3100.

College of Public Service

All online courses-$100

Program Fee-$50 per credit hour. Social Work Practicum Placement Fee includes SOWK 4111, 4112, 5111, 5112, 6111, 6112

Candidate for Degree-$723.46. Includes all courses with catalog number 9990: CRJU, PADM, SOWK.

Languages and Culture

Program Fee-$10. Includes all 1000-2000-level language courses, and ASL 3590.

Program Fee Foreign & Cultural Studies (travel courses)-$25. Includes FCS 3890, 5890.

Letters, Arts & Sciences

Candidate for Degree-$723.46

Letters, Arts & Sciences Online

All online courses: $100.


Program Fee-$20 per credit hour to total no more than $120 per semester. Excludes 7000-8000-level math courses.

Nursing & Health Sciences

Athletic Training Program Fee-$15 per credit hour. Includes all ATRN courses.

Human Physiology and Nutrition Program Fee-$15 per credit hour.  Includes all HPNU courses.

Health Sciences Program Fee-$5 per credit hour. Includes all HSCI courses.

Nursing Program Fee-$14 per credit hour. Includes all undergraduate NURS courses.

Nursing, Health Sciences, and Gerontology online courses-$100

Standardized testing fee for undergraduate nursing students - $99.30; NURS 2050 and NURS 2200 - $99.30

Nursing ATI Resources and Standardized testing: NURS 2050 and 2200 - $424.83

Candidate for Degree-$846.46. Includes all candidate-for-degree health sciences and nursing graduate courses with a catalog number of 9990; HSCI & NURS.


Program Fee-$20. Includes PHIL 1300.

Physics and Energy Sciences

Laboratory Program Fee Level 1-$30. Includes all ENSC, PES, and PHYS 1-credit hour lab courses: ENSC 1620; PES 1090, 1100, 1140, 1150, 1160, 1170, 1620, 2150, 2160, 4160, 5160.

Laboratory Program Fee Level 2-$50. Includes all ENSC, PES, and PHYS 2-credit hour lab courses. PES 3150, 3170, 3180, 4150, 4170, 5150.


Graduate clinical experience fees: MA students: $72. PhD students: $423 in Fall/Spring, $211 in Summer.

Visual and Performing Arts

All students enrolling in any art history (AH), dance (DNCE), film (FILM), museum studies and gallery practice (MSGP), music (MUS), theatre (THTR), visual arts (VA), or VAPA course will be charged a program fee of $40 per semester enrolled, regardless of how many courses for which a student is registered.

In addition, each subject within the department has its own program fees.

Art History (AH) - Program Fee-$20. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

Dance (DNCE) - Program Fee-$25. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

Film (FILM) - Program Fee-$15. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

Museum Studies and Gallery Practice (MSGP) - Program Fee-$15. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

Music (MUS) - Program Fee-$45. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

Photography Program Fee (VA 2110) - Program Fee - $30.00

Theatre (THTR) - Program Fee-$25. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

Visual Arts (VA) - Program Fee-$40. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) - Program Fee-$30. Includes all courses except independent study and internships.

National Student Exchange (NSE)

Program Fee-$150 This fee is required for all students in the NSE program.

International Student Service Charge

This fee is required for all international students.

Sponsored - $300

Unsponsored - $150

Inclusive Services

Inclusive Service Charge-$3,500. This charge is for students in ISSO programs.

Inclusive Higher Ed Skill Training Fee-$3000. This charge is assessed to students in the ISSO (Inclusive Services for ID Students) program who are receiving enhanced skills training services that will lead to career opportunities.

Credit by Examination Fee

Special examinations, given for the purpose of obtaining credit for a course solely through the passing of an examination without otherwise registering for and taking the course, are available to degree students in the university. The fee for each examination is the lower division, resident rate for 3 semester hours, regardless of the number of hours of credit that are awarded as a result of the exam. Credit is Pass/Fail ONLY.

Arrangements for special examinations are made through the Office of the Registrar. The fees for the examinations are payable in advance and are nonrefundable.

In cases where the examination is administered for other institutions and the results reported to that institution, the same nonrefundable fee will be assessed in advance. The individual student is responsible for payment.