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2008-2009 Course Catalog 
2008-2009 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

How To Use Your UCCS Bulletin

Please Note: This UCCS Course Bulletin includes the pertinent information students need to take best advantage of their educational career while here. Students should read it thoroughly. UCCS students have the responsibility to understand the policies and meet the requirements stated herein.

The General Information section of the Bulletin explains important University policies regarding admission, registration, finances, curricular requirements, academic progress, records, and student behavior that apply to all University students. The Graduate School section explains those expectations that apply to all graduate students. Students in every college should read these sections for applicable information.

Undergraduate students need to meet both University/College general education course requirements and specific course requirements for their major.

The Individual College sections explain the requirements and expectations of each college, as well as the majors,minors, and other programs of study offered through those colleges. The curricular requirements are spelled out in detail, to help students plan their programs and graduate within a reasonable time period.

The Course Description section describes every specific course that is on record and may be offered through each of the colleges and schools; however, not every course is offered every semester. The UCCS Schedule of Courses, published in advance of each semester, details courses (and schedules) offered; courses in the Schedule can be cross-referenced to the Bulletin for further description of the course and explanation of any curricular prerequisites.

Students will also regularly receive a computerized degree audit that reviews which curricular requirements they have met and which they still need to complete for their degree.

Students should also refer to the UCCS Web site (www.uccs.edu) to access current information in further detail.

Advisors are available to all students in the Student Success Center, on the second floor of Main Hall. Students should also confer with the Chair of the Department in which they are majoring for further guidance regarding their educational program.

Keep this Bulletin! The requirements in effect for your degree are those described in the Bulletin at the time you formally enter a program.

The Bulletin

The 2008-2009 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Course Bulletin contains a summary of campus facilities, programs, and services; descriptions of colleges, schools, and individual departments; and degree requirements, course descriptions, and faculty listings as of January 2008. Although this Bulletin was prepared on the basis of the best information available at the time, all information (including the academic calendar, admission and graduation requirements, courses and descriptions, tuition and fees) is subject to change without notice or obligation.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

The University of Colorado does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status in admission and access to, and treatment and employment in, its educational programs and activities. The University takes action to increase ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity, to employ qualified disabled individuals, and to provide equal opportunity to all students and employees. The UCCS Course Bulletin 2008-2009 at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UPS 551-370) is published five times a year: March, May, June, October, and November by UCCS, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, P.O. Box 7150, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80933-7150. Periodicals postage paid at Colorado Springs, CO, Volume 29, No 3, June 2008. General series number (138). POSTMASTER: Send address changes to UCCS Bulletin, 108 Main Hall, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, P.O. Box 7150, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150.